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How It Works

Embark facilitates career development through a simple feedback loop

Set milestones

Define each team member's ambitions and outline the skills and competencies that are necessary for them to develop.

Act and assess

Set goals, complete assessments and track the projects each individual works on along the way.

Develop insights

Deepen understanding of your team for all managers by collaborating on personal profiles for every individual.


The tools you need to strengthen your team

Career Plans

Help your team carve their path forward

Motivate and engage your team by giving each individual clarity and ownership of their future. Create growth plans by defining an ambition and outlining areas and skills that are to be developed.


Plan concrete steps to upskill each individual

Help your team achieve their goals by using the SMART* goal setting framework. Get insights, track progress, and see how each goal improves each person.


Understand and shape day to day learning

Keep track of the projects that each team member works on to identify potential growth opportunities, challenges, and to map where support is needed.

Got questions?

Yes, you will have 30 days from the date the organisation's account is created to try the platform. Once these 30 days are up you will need to subscribe to retain access to the account.

Pricing is $7.00 USD per user, per month and you are only charged for active accounts.

Embark is for teams of craftspeople. Designers, engineers, strategists, copywriters, animators and more. Anyone who wishes to develop and engage their teams can benefit from Embark.

An administrator of your account can make any user a manager or administrator of your account at any time. Managers can invite their team members and oversee multiple profiles.

Congratulations on the hire! Any administrator can invite users and assign the new team member a manager. Alternatively a manager can invite the new team member to join their team.

An administrator of your account can simply archive the user and you will no longer be billed for their account. All adjustments are prorated, so you will only pay for the time the account was active in the month the account is archived.